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Experimental animation meets pottery by Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Johnstone


(via aubreylstallard)



MIT students develop 3D-printed ‘Sesame Ring’ to replace public transit cards | 3ders

It is very convenient to take public transportation in big cities, but sometimes it is annoying and time consuming fishing through your purse for your transit card.

Two undergraduate students at MIT has created the 3D-printed “Sesame Ring” to replace Boston’s transit card, the Charlie Card, after they became frustrated at constantly losing their passes at the bottom of their bags.

These are great…but I heard (and this might just be an urban myth) that in London, Transport for London (the guys who run the Tubes) are prosecuting folks who hack the Oyster Cards and cut out the chips to embed into rings like this.


Where Yahoo’s Tumblr Ranks Next to Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

All four of these social networks have separate and distinct roles in user behavior.  Some have been more successful than others at integrating their value into day to day activity v. playing a niche role.  Growth and adoption levels will generally reflect that.  I’m not sure sure where the Atlantic is getting with this information - even if Tumblr users jumped as a result of acquisition (ala Instagram) what would difference would it make?  Overall size is only of value in parallel to frequency and depth of use. 

That said, I can’t help but feel a little sad about Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr.  Yahoo saying they won’t ‘screw it up’ is like Google saying ‘don’t be evil’ - we all know how that’s turned out.

(via npr)


Outdoor adventure photography is fun to look at, but it can get old fast. If you’ve seen one really gnarly skiing or climbing photo, you’ve kinda seem them all.

That’s why Ray Demski’s new project is a breath of fresh air. He hauled several studio lights with giant reflectors out to an icefall in the Avers valley in Switzerland this winter and used the battery-powered, 1200-Joules strobes to shoot ice climbing like we’ve never seen.

“I always try to do something new every time I go into a shoot,” says Demski, an adventure sports and commercial photographer based in Munich, Germany who’s shot for companies including Red Bull, BMW and Adidas.



When someone creates something and puts it in front of you, that thing came from inside of them, and if you make them feel bad, it’s going to be hard to fix, because you’ve actually crushed them

Jenna Lyons, Chief Creative Director @ JCrew (via rachelmercer)

Two Fingers (Fools Rhythm) by STROUCEMAN

Whoa. If you dig the sound, go to Sound Cloud and listen to the remixes: http://

Musing: Why digital is my first love

In a conversation recently with a colleague, I was asked why I work in digital media, why I like it so much.  It really got me thinking, and here is my answer.

Of all marketing tactics, digital is the most grounded and has the most opportunity to get brands back to a respectful relationship with consumers.  It is the only place that brands can participate in an authentic dialogue on a grand scale.  

I am extremely pro long game tactics in digital.  Creating the right content to tell consumers about why your products or services have value, optimizing that content for consumption across all digital entry-ways, and creating points of ask and response that are dedicated to either providing current customers with a better experience or helping prospective customers gain confidence.  

The execution of this type of digital footprint optimization is simultaneously data driven, creative, and technology savvy.  It combines the right brain with the left brain in way that I adore.  

At the end of the day, its really that simple.  The opportunity to provide meaningful messaging at the right time and a means of stepping away from the old regime of mass and frequency.  


So, the future of advertising happened during the Super Bowl. You were probably too busy watching incredibly extensive TV spots and/or making black out jokes to notice. But Oreo showed us why social media is still interesting; with reactionary, relevant and timely content.

Imagine a TV spot that played on a political scandal that occurred earlier that day. Imagine a newspaper ad in the afternoon edition that references events that happened at noon.

Oreo didn’t make a blackout joke. They demonstrated low-latency advertising.

Stock traders will buy real estate to be in a location with the highest connection speed, with the lowest distance for information to travel, because in high speed trading, fractions of a second matter.

This is an unspoken argument for digital and social media - it is the lowest latency form of multimedia messaging we have. You can deploy at scale. You can leverage opportunities that are minutes old. In the future, with automation, we could be talking seconds.

Oreo showed you that, and it happened during the biggest spotlight for traditional TV spots of the year.

Well said.

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